Initiated in November 2011, Kayo International LLC has been successfully flourishing in its services for providing superior quality education in teaching Japanese to numerous Sri Lankans over this course of 3 years and counting, thereby enabling their aspirations in creating a brighter future in Japan become a reality. Upon receiving the privilege of being affiliated with the YMCA in Japan that is extensively renowned for its quality of academic development since October 2014 in conjunction to 16 other leading institutions that are moreover situated all over the rest of the country, we are dynamically keen on offering a substantially improved learning experience for all our students, both current and prospective.

We are the only Japanese language training institute in Sri Lanka that employs native Japanese teachers who are adeptly qualified by the Japanese Ministry of Education and possess hands-on experience for conducting our lessons with the aim of achieving the most optimum results from our students!

Owned by an experienced Japanese business man, our flagship enterprise comprises of the import operations of agricultural equipment into Sri Lanka from Japan. Diligently dedicated to our commercial functions both mainstream and subordinate, we are constantly keen on hearing what our valued customers have to say!

To be the best and most sought after Japanese language learning centre in the industry, and produce students who shall be exceptionally proficient in terms of utilizing the Japanese language and thereby realize their potential in the metropolitan hub of Japan.

Execute thorough practice sessions by engaging students amidst an insightful and interactive environment with the expertise of skilled teaching/counselling personnel who have been accredited from Japan themselves.


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Sri Lanka
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